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The 4th Canadian Neuroradiology Course  

& Dan Andreae Lectureship 


Vascular – Infection/Inflammation – Head & Neck – Trauma – Spine   

November 12-14, 2021
Virtual Conference

Dear colleagues,

With Covid-19 cases rising again, people getting sick despite vaccination (although luckily nowhere as bad as without…), crossing the borders being an ever-changing marathon of pre and post flight tests, stipulations and regulations that vary from country to country, province to province and even hospital to hospital, we have decided to go again virtual for the 4th edition of the Canadian Neuroradiology Course.

I suppose most of us – and definitely the organizers – have been looking forward to an in-person meeting but being cautious and staying safe is what we owe to our communities and as physicians, I suppose we need to show our commitment to keeping everyone healthy.

Looking on the brighter side of things: Being virtual also means that the course does attract a larger audience – in fact last year between 400 and 800 physicians from all over the world participated in the live-stream of the event and we received the feedback that it would have been easily more if we had not opted for a live-stream alone but allow the lectures to be viewed for a longer period in time.

Also, being virtual means that it is now easier to attract high level speakers from all over the world and we are glad to announce that we have some outstanding colleagues form the British Society of Neuroradiology joining us this year as lecturers and we believe that this is just the start to a greater collaboration between Neuroradiology communities.

I hope you embrace therefore – again – the virtual concept of the course.  Our topics will include Vascular, Infections/Inflammatory, Head and Neck,  Trauma and Spine and we are extremely thrilled to have with Prof. Allan Fox from Canada as the Keynote Andreae Lecturer 2021, who is truly a giant amongst Neuroradiologists.
We will again try to be as interactive as possible in a virtual environment and hope that you will be able to join us virtually for the 2021 edition of the CNRC

This program was developed following a review of objective data including practice data, literature surveys/reviews, consultation with experts in the field, and the experience and needs perceived by members of the planning committee. As well, subjective data from the previous year’s evaluations was reviewed in detail to create a focus for this year’s program.

Target Audience

Radiologists, Technologists, Neurologists, Pediatric Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Neuroradiologist, Nurses

Organizing Committee

Timo Krings MD, PhD, FRCPC​
The David Braley and Nancy Gordon Chair in Interventional Neuroradiology
Professor of Radiology and Surgery
University of Toronto

Assistant Professor of Radiology
University of Toronto

Matylda Machnowska MD FRCPC​
Assistant Professor of Radiology
University of Toronto

Danny Mandell MD FRCPC​
Associate Professor of Radiology
University of Toronto

Eugene Yu MD FRCPC ​
Associate Professor of Radiology,
University of Toronto

Manohar Shroff MD DMRD FRCPC​
Ontasian Chair of Paediatric Radiology

Professor of Radiology,
University of Toronto

For Registration Inquiries please contact

Dr. Sasikhan Geibprasert