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The 5th Annual Canadian Neuroradiology Course

Pediatric – Tumours – Neurodegenerative & Adult Metabolic Disorders  

November  11-13, 2022
Virtual Conference

Dear colleagues,

The Canadian Neuroradiology Course is a two-part curriculum course (over two years) primarily intended for residents and fellows in Neuroradiology.  This year’s course is Part 1 of the Third Cycle, and topics include Pediatric Neuroradiology, Neuro-oncology, and Neurodegenerative & Adult Metabolic Disorders.  Part 2 includes Vascular, Head & Neck, Spinal, Infectious & Inflammatory, and Traumatic Disorders, and is planned for November 2023.  

The course was conceived by the Neuroradiology Subspecialty Committee of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and was brought to fruition by Dr. Timo Krings from University of Toronto, who was course director for the first two cycles.  The intent was to move the course around Canada, and (virtual) hosting duties have travelled all the way to Vancouver, with Dr. Jason Shewchuk from University of British Columbia as the current course director.  We are hopeful that future courses can once again be held in-person, with the face-to-face networking opportunities that this provides.

This pan-Canadian course will have speakers from across Canada.  We are also thrilled that the British Society of Neuroradiology will again be participating in the course, and look forward to collaborating with them.  While primarily intended as an educational course for trainees, the course is also appropriate as a refresher for practicing Neuroradiologists, and as a neuroradiology “tune-up” for community radiologists and other interested physicians.

We hope to “see” you in November.

This program was developed following a review of objective data including practice data, literature surveys/reviews, consultation with experts in the field, and the experience and needs perceived by members of the planning committee. As well, subjective data from the previous year’s evaluations was reviewed in detail to create a focus for this year’s program.

Target Audience

Radiologists, Neurologists, Pediatric Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Neuroradiologists, Nurses

Members of our SPC

Jason Shewchuk, MD FRCPC
Clinical Professor of Radiology
University of British Columbia

Timo Krings, MD, PhD FRCPC
The David Braley and Nancy Gordon
Chair in Interventional Neuroradiology
Professor of Radiology and Surgery
University of Toronto

Makabongwe Tshuma, MD FRCPC
Clinical Instructor of Radiology
University of British Columbia

Farahna Sabiq, MD FRCPC
Clinical Instructor of Radiology
University of British Columbia

Will Guest, MD, PhD FRCPC
Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiology
University of British Columbia

Cha-ney Kim, MD
Neuroradiology Fellow
University of British Columbia​

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